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Cayman’s 12th Youth Parliament tackles plastic use

Cayman’s young parliamentarians took centre stage in the Legislative Assembly (LA) on Monday (11 March.)

A total of 11 boys and 16 girls took part in Cayman’s youth parliament.

The 27 budding politicians took their seats as MLAs and Ministers.

Six of the students were women holding ministers positions including the Premier’s post and Speaker of the House for the 12th edition of the youth parliament. Veteran politician and House Speaker Hon. McKeeva Bush said he was heartened by what he saw.

“I am very pleased with the youth parliament, over the years they have conducted themselves very well,” said Mr. Bush.

Mr. Bush endorsed the Youth Parliament. Youth parliamentarian Kiarilyn Reyes was among 27 students taking part in this year’s session. She said being the Premier at Cayman’s Youth Parliament was a good career start for her.

“Youth Parliament is very good in developing my vocabulary skills, my debating skills, my leadership skills, and my teamwork skills as I have to work with other peers to make our government strong and uphold the values that a government should have. I got into youth parliament because I want to pursue a career in politics in the future,” said Ms. Reyes.

The topic of regulating the use of plastic bags on island kicked off Monday’s debate in youth parliament followed by a motion to implement a juvenile detention and youth rehabilitation center. House Speaker Shanell Martinez said if she was the official speaker of the house, she would have her say on the issue.

“It contributes to global warming so if this was an actual parliament I would have ensured this bill would get past,” said Ms. Martinez.

The CPA 12th Youth Parliament Members:

  • Shanell Martinez (YP Speaker of the House)
  • Kiarilyn Reyes (YP Premier)
  • LeBron McLean (YP Deputy Premier)
  • Reon Porter (YP Leader of the Opposition)
  • Kayla Turner (YP Deputy Leader of the Opposition)
  • Zariah Truman (YP Deputy Speaker of the House)
  • Nathaniel Gonzales (YP Minister)
  • Richard Weber (YP Minister)
  • Danielle Garcia (YP Minister)
  • Lissette Williams-Fernandez (YP Minister)
  • Garriella King (YP Minister)
  • Alec Harding (MLA)
  • Daina Levy (MLA)
  • Leah Robinson (MLA)
  • Alexandra Rodrigues (MLA)
  • Alexander Johnson (MLA)
  • Liam Henry (MLA)
  • Eric Bernard (MLA)
  • Cateryn Farrington-Martinez (MLA)
  • Lizhaiderine Smith (MLA)
  • Lucy Parchman (MLA)
  • Thomas Sevik (MLA)



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Seaford Russell jr.

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