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53 dogs seized by the Department of Agriculture

53 small breed dogs are nabbed, in what the Department of Agriculture (DOA), calls its largest seizure on record. The animals were seized on Monday (6 May) from a house in Prospect but was only made public Friday (10 May). Those at the department said they have warned a 54-year-old woman of prosecution in relation to the animals. The animals were both pure-bred and mixed breeds. The DOA said the dogs were found in unacceptable conditions, some had external parasites and serious dental issues, two of the most severe cases were sent for medical attention.

“Well, this definitely seems to be a problem that we are becoming more and more aware of. We’ve had several incidences where we had to remove multiple animals from a single location, in some cases we were able to work with the owners and educate them and get them to voluntarily surrender some of the animals that could then be adopted out. This is definitely the largest situation and the more serious that we’ve seen to date so far,” said DOA’s director Brian Crichlow. The matter remains under investigation.

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Seaford Russell jr.

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