Daniel Bennett testifies in Fete trial, denies defense claims he was looking for a fight


Daniel Bennett went out on 3 February to celebrate his upcoming birthday not knowing the events that were to unfold that night.

However he knew something was going to happen.

Today (22 November) Mr. Bennett took the witness stand in the Fete Nightclub shooting. He was the intended victim in the shooting, the jury heard in Grand Court.

Mr. Bennett testified that he was at local bar Power Supply where he saw Tashika Mothen, Malik Mothen and others.

He said they kept looking at him and talking amongst each other.

“I thought they were up to something particularly pertaining me, I began to feel scared for my life,” said Mr. Bennett.

He said after the bar closed and with no ride he decided to walk over to Fete Nightclub to find a ride. He also thought staying in public would be safer for him.

However the defense questioned, if he was so scared then why didn’t leave when his cousin Carlney Campbell arrived to take him home.

The defense doubted his claims since he chose to go back to Fete instead of leaving immediately.

The defense claimed it was Mr. Bennett who was the aggressor that night and he was not frightened of Tashika or Malik at all.

The defense also brought up a past incident from 2015 in which he was aggressive and confrontational towards police officers, trying to paint a picture of Mr. Bennett’s character for the jury.

However Mr. Bennett insisted he was not an aggressive person and in no way was he seeking a confrontation with anyone on the night in question.

He said he never intended for the events that took place to happen.

The defense insisted that he had constructed a story to make it seem like the events that happened at Fete were planned by the Mothens, saying, “You say you were frightened, I say you were drunk, aggressive, looking for a fight.”

He refuted that assertion. The trial continues tomorrow (23 November.)



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