Expert says one defendant’s DNA was found on trigger of gun used in Fete shooting

Forensic scientist Sherry Langston took the stand today (24 November) testifying that defendant Kashwayne Hewitt’s DNA matched the DNA found on the gun used in the Fete Nightclub shooting on 4 February.

She told crown prosecutor Patrick Moran she did not examine the firearm used outside of Fete Nightclub, but swabs taken from the pistol in question confirmed Mr. Hewitt’s DNA.

She said she also tested brass knuckles which Malik Mothen told police in a statement that he used them to punch Daniel Bennett. This, he said, was how Mr. Bennett acquired the head injury and not because he was pistol-whipped.

But Ms. Langston said no DNA from any of the defendants or Mr. Bennett’s was found on the item.

The forensic expert said the sneakers which Tashika Mothen wore the night of the incident were tested for blood splatter from Carlney Campbell since he said she was one of the people who attacked him. But Ms. Langston said there were no traces of blood.

Transcripts of the police interviews with Tashika and Malik Mothen were also read in court.

Both of them said Mr. Bennett was drunk and hostile that evening and kept trying to argue with Tashika while they were trying to diffuse the situation.

They both vehemently denied having anything to do with a shooting.

However Mr. Mothen said he did hit both Bennett and his cousin shortly after he heard a gunshot and everyone ran.

But they had nothing to do with it.

Mr. Bennett’s mother Ms. Manchengo also testified today.

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