Family of four sells home to travel the globe with toddlers

Have you ever had the fantasy of selling all your worldly possessions and traveling the world?

One Florida couple has turned that dream into a reality, and get this: they even brought their two young children along for the ride.

Cayman 27 caught up with the Schomp family, better known as ‘Retired Toddlers’ on their stop in Grand Cayman.

At age four and age two, Henley and Jagger are already seasoned world travelers, thanks to a leap of faith their parents Jake and Michelle Schomp made back in 2016.

“We sold our house in June of 2016 and we traveled around the US last year in 2016,” said Mr. Schomp. “In 2017 we took off on this international around the world trip, and we’ve been to a lot of different places.”

So far, the family has spent time in 51 cars, 38 flights, 32 boats, 28 hotels, 25 rental homes, 17 trains, 17 bus rides on their 17 country journey, even riding out hurricane Irma in a St. Thomas hotel.

“We just got a little unlucky and by the time we tried to book a flight three days before, they were not to be had, so we buckle down there and got through it,” said Ms. Schomp.

After the close call with Irma, the Retired Toddlers were on to Cayman for a well-deserved breather.

“The kids, they’ve been such troopers this year on the go, but sometimes for all of us it’s nice just to get into a good routine and get a little break,” said Ms. Schomp.

While world travel may seem anything but routine for a family of four, the Schomps say they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“These kids are only this age for so long, and if we don’t take this opportunity to spend this time with them now we won’t get that time back,” said Mr. Schomp.

The Schomps are sticking around in Cayman just a little while longer before joining their extended family in the states for the festive season. After that, it’s back on the road, this time to Central America.

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