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Beach access restored after activist highlights blocked right of way

Another Cayman 27 news story prompts action, as a public right of way beach access that’s been blocked for years is now cleared for public use.

For years, trees and shrubs have obscured this beach access path tucked away on a beautiful strip of Seven Mile Beach between The Great House and The Avalon condos.

Activist and developer Morne Botes calls the opening of this long-blocked beach access on West Bay Road the latest victory in the decades long struggle to preserve beach access

Last week, Cayman 27 received confirmation the overgrown path in question was not one, but two public rights of way. As of Monday, the pathway is once again accessible to the public.

“This is an early Christmas gift to me and to the people of Cayman,” said beach access activist Morne Botes.

Standing in front of the newly-liberated pathway Tuesday (12 December) Mr. Botes said it is just the latest in a string of beach access victories.

“It was nice to get this open quite quickly,” he said.

For years, the pathway was overgrown with trees and shrubbery, obscured from public view. Last week, in response to Cayman 27’s queries, the Planning Department confirmed the path was not one, but two public rights of way. A utility worker told Cayman 27 he saw crews restore beach access Monday.

“I find it’s easier when you’re dealing with the condo complex, because there is a vote involved, and they don’t want to have the bad press,” said Mr. Botes.

Mr. Botes told Cayman 27 hopes by bringing attention to blocked and obscured beach access rights of way, he can help protect the people’s right to access the sea.

“Publicly shaming the condo owners, the beach house owners, people that are blocking accesses, that has been the most proven, proven way to get these accesses opened,” said Mr. Botes.

While he says today may bring a victory, tomorrow may uncover another blocked right of way.

“Send us a picture, and we will make it publicly known,” he said.

Mr. Botes says as a forum for the public to report what they believe are blocked public beach access pathways.

The beach access issue is not new in the Cayman Islands. For those interested in learning more, the website Cayman Beach Watch has compiled a wealth of government reports, news articles, affidavits, and other information dating back to the 1960’s.

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