Closing arguments begin in Fete shooting trial

Closing arguments started today (8 December) at the Fete Nightclub shooting trial.

Prosecutor Patrick Moran laid out case against the remaining four defendants.

Mr. Moran pointed out inconsistencies in the defendants testimony.

He questioned Tashika Mothen’s ability to tell the truth and mentioned her refusal to cooperate in court yesterday.

He also pointed to a past conviction involving violent behavior.

He reminded the jury that fellow defendant Daniella Tibbetts initially lied to police in her interview.

Ms. Tibbetts said she lied to protect her brother but Mr. Moran countered she continued to lie about Kashwayne Hewitt’s involvement.

He said Ms. Tibbetts told police Mr. Hewitt was in her car, while CCTV footage shows him in the parking lot.

Mr. Moran said he believes the Mothens had motive to harm Daniel Bennett because they blamed him for Tashika Mothen being shot in 2015.

All four accused maintain their innocence.


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