Cop launch holiday crackdown operation Winter Guardian

The RCIPS latest traffic control initiative operation Winter Guardian kicked off today (8 December.)

The RCIPS say they want to make sure it stays that way by boosting road vigilance during the holiday season.

“The police have a holiday campaign that they do geared towards holiday road safety and sometimes even business safety and personal safety and home safety,” said Police Media Relations Officer Jodi-Ann Powery.

Mrs. Powery said their units will be out in the community enforcing operation Winter Guardian.

“Our traffic management unit will be putting on regular road blocks and doing traffic checks geared towards DUI’s and vehicle safety,” said Mrs. Powery.

In the last three months there have been over 50 traffic collisions due to reckless driving and drunk driving and Mrs. Powery is urging people to be aware of their surrounding for themselves and for others.

“The Christmas time tends to be a bit of a vulnerable time for persons with all the shopping that’s going on and so we’re just looking to ensure that everybody is made aware that even though it’s Christmas they should still take extra precautions to protect their properties and to ensure their safety on the roads,” said Mrs. Powery.

The RCIPS is also partnering with the National Drug Council to facilitate their campaigns, such as Designated Driver.

And they are also running the New Years Eve Purple Ribbon Bus Campaign.

She said all of these efforts are to make sure people only have celebrate the season safely.

Police urge the public if you’re going to drink call a taxi, have a designated driver.

Utilise the campaigns that have been set up for the communities safety.

Last New Year’s Eve there were no DUI arrests and the RCIPS hopes to achieve the same success this year.


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