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Holiday Safety Tips

The holidays are a time to cherish friends and family, but also it’s a time when everyone loves getting presents, right?

According to police there are several things you can do to make sure criminals don’t target the gifts under the tree.

Police say this time of year, there are increases in offences like robberies, car break-ins and petty theft.

But they say you can protect yourself.

“Pay attention to property they have in their vehicles don’t leave your phones or your tablets on the seat of your car or your laptops. Unwrapping your presents after Christmas Day or any time of the year for that matter, ensure that you do not put your empty boxes out in front of your house. This tells people all the nice things that you have,” said Police Media Officer Jodi-Ann Powery.

Another tip Mrs. Powery suggested was doing a security check on your home to ensure there are no weak spots where thieves could get in.


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