DOE addresses blue parking by staff



Days after the police announce a crackdown on illegal parking in blue spots a government vehicle is captured occupying a disabled parking area The concerns were raised when the photos seen here were posted online showing a doe truck parking in a disabled blue spot earlier this morning. DOE director Gina Ebanks Petrie addressed the issue with Cayman 27 today (7 December) she said the driver admitted to pulling up to the spot to get coffee while on the way to a job. She said, “He felt that he had not pulled into the spot but had pulled off to the side and left sufficient room so he didn’t have the intention of parking in the spot he also remained in the vehicle in case the truck needed to be moved because that was the only spot available for this very large truck they were driving. ” Mrs. Petrie did not indicate how the driver will be dealt with. However, she did say an internal notice will be sent to staff reminding them of the importance of such spots and not using them.


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