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Verdicts are in for the Fete shooting trial: Two freed, two found guilty

Screams of thank you God echoed through grand court Wednesday (13 December) as Daniella Tibbetts was found not guilty in the Fete shooting trial, even as fellow accused Kaswayne Hewitt broke down in tears when he was found guilty of his charges.

As the four-week trial came to an end, the seven-member jury also set Tashika Mothen free, finding her not guilty of all charges, including attempted murder, threats to kill, assault causing actual bodily harm and grievous bodily harm.

Ms. Tibbetts, who was only facing one charge of possession of an unlicensed firearm, let out a sigh of relief as she was also freed.

But the result was not as joyous for Mrs. Mothen’s husband Malik or Mr. Hewitt.

Mr. Mothen was found guilty on two charges of assault causing actual bodily harm and one causing grievous bodily harm.

Mr. Mothen nodded in acceptance as his verdicts were pronounced.

Mr. Hewitt was found guilty on one charge of causing grievous bodily harm and he pleads guilty to possession of an unlicensed firearm earlier in the trial.

Upon hearing the guilty verdict Mr. Hewitt sat and silently cried in court visibly distraught. Sentencing is expected tomorrow (14 December.)

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