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Visiting boater disputes Customs’ version of ‘strip search’

A visiting boater is disputing customs account of an inspection encounter she told Cayman 27 included a strip search.

LaVonda Like insists she was compliant with the instructions she was given when her 44 foot vessel Faith was inspected last week Monday. Customs told Cayman 27 it requested Ms. Like to come to the top of the deck, but she complied only after several requests were made.

LaVonda Like told Cayman 27 she was never told why she was being strip searched. Customs provided its own narrative of the encounter, which Ms. Like characterised as ‘lies.’

Customs said it is standing by its narrative, which also states Ms. Like “Acted in an arrogant manner and at times made sarcastic remarks when [officials] were attempting to board the vessel.”

Ms. Like told Cayman 27 that’s not how it went down.

“They were just cordial, and of course I kept it cordial, if you get all upset it just makes it worse, so I just got through it, but I kept asking, you know, why am I being strip-searched?” she said.

Customs said it made the decision to search Ms. Like’s vessel after suspicions arose during questioning and review of the clearance documents.

Ms. Like said she suspects her dreadlocks, gender, or skin-tone had something to do with it.

She told Cayman 27 she’s booked to appear on Cayman Crosstalk on our sister station Rooster 101.9 Friday morning.


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