Year in Review: Water-related deaths 2017

2017 is quickly drawing to close and we continue our look back at issues and stories we covered throughout the year. In 2017 a total of 8 people died on Cayman’s waters. Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks takes a look back at those incidents.

The Cayman Islands are surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters, it’s a place where many relax and kick back. But this year those same waters claimed the lives of 8 people. On the first of the year Cayman recorded its first water-related death, 49-year-old Dale Gerald Ebanks of West Bay received fatal injuries after a boating incident in the north sound. Mr Ebanks, a public works department employee was testing a vessel with another man when a steering failure occurred. Mr. Ebanks was thrown overboard and was struck by the boat. He died two days later in hospital n November his death was ruled a misadventure following a coroner’s inquest.

Back in March 44-year-old Mongkol Srilamai, a Thailand chef, died after being pulled from the water near Rum Point. A second man was also involved in that incident, but the quick action by 15-year-old Beha Hansson and Marine officer Alan Mackay prevented a bigger tragedy that day.

Also in March 71-year-old Gail Ann Moss encountered difficulties in the water while snorkeling she was taken to the Cayman Islands hospital where she was pronounced dead. In April two more water-related deaths were recorded. On April, a 77-year-old visitor from Mexico Jose Antonio Lazcano Puron passed away at the George Town hospital one day after experiencing problems snorkeling in the North Sound.

The fifth water-related death in Cayman also happened in April, 72-year-old Peter Zhu died in the water of the North Side coast in sand point road. Between April and July Cayman no water-related deaths, but that quickly changed in August, when a 70-year-old cruise ship visitor died while snorkeling his identity was not released.

Then in November two visitors to the Cayman Islands encountered difficulties while snorkeling. They were 64 years old Dr. Rodney Lamb, and the other a 57 years old man. They were taken to the hospital, the 57-year-old was released however the Dr. Lamb was pronounced dead on arrival.

The most recent death was recorded last week Thursday. 59-year-old James Howard Huber encountered difficulties while riding a wave runner off of Austin Conolly Drive. He fell off and had to be rescued. He was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. Following those deaths calls for lifeguards on public beaches were renewed once again.




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