Stingray’s secret weapon? Just call her Beverly


They call her Beverly.

A 50-pound structure of pure plastic and ingenuity. A old-school training method Stingray Swim Club Head Coach David Pursley says is the team’s secret weapon.

“The bucket system is just basically resistance training. Every sport has weights, obviously we are not a land-based sport, so we use the buckets to try and provide them a way to build power and strength in the water.”

Stingray swimmers say it’s become a key part of their training regime.

“It definitely helps with like sprinting and being able to pull yourself forward” said Elana Sinclair.

“It builds the resistance while you try and keep a good stroke like a good line and a good stroke so it helps you perfect your technique” said Alison Jackson.

Kyra Rabess said “It helps with the power, so you learn to resist, and then without the bucket you feel like your flying because of less resistance. It helps you create muscle.”

The Bucket System was built with help from Rotary Central, Rotary Sunrise and the Lions Club. Coach Pursley along with Stingray’s parents then assembled the structure.

The Race

Could The Sports Guy defeat Alison Jackson, freestyle, while attached to Beverly? Take a look!

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