Carlney Campbell faces questioning for Fete shooting trial

The man who was shot outside Fete Nightclub took the stand today.

Facing the five defendants charged in the shooting and assault in the early hours of February 4th.

Carlney Campbell gave the court his version of what happened that night. While the defence claims Mr. Campbell is not an innocent victim.

“Two or three seconds later I heard the shot and when it went off, everyone ran off and left me there. Face down in my own blood,” said Carlney Campbell.

He used these words to describe what happened on February 4th the night he was shot and his cousin Daniel Bennett assaulted outside Fete Nightclub.

He said during the attack 3 people were kicking and punching him.

He plead with them “please don’t kill me, I had nothing to do with this.”

He said after he was shot he scrambled quickly to Peppers restaurant to hide. As he hid he heard voices of what he assumes were his attackers asking one another where is? Where did he go?

The jury was later shown evidence of blood stained clothing which a visibly upset Mr. Campbell identified as his clothing from that night.

Gears changed quickly however when defence for Malik Mothen began cross examination.

The defence told the jury about Mr. Campbell’s previous conviction to potentially call his character into question.

As the line of questioning became more rigorous Mr. Campbell bristled at the defence’s arguments.

The defence doubted Mr. Campbell’s account of why he ended up at Fete and said the felt he was there to be Daniel Bennett’s back up.

The defence went on to say that it was in fact Mr. Bennett who waas the aggressor threatening and intimidating Tashika Mothen.

Mr. Campbell wholly objected to that happening and said to the defense, “You’re insinuating something foolish sir.”



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