CPA questions need for Dart overpass

The CPA on Wednesday (22 November) queried several aspects of Dart Real Estate’s application to extend its West Bay Road vehicular underpass by 195 feet. Concerns like pedestrian safety and public right of ways access were among key areas the Authority wanted answers on during their meeting at the Government Administration Building today. Both the NRA  and the Planning Department have raised questions about pedestrian safety during the construction phase and after. The NRA says there is no justifying reason or need to extend the tunnel.

The Planning Department has said the CPA should consider whether to require crosswalks and lighting at both tunnel entrances. Dart representatives addressed the Authority’s queries point by point assuring that pedestrian safety was taken into consideration. Representatives pointed to the lit and enclosed walk way for pedestrian going north or south along West Bay Road as one of their measures put in place for pedestrian safety . Should the application be approved Dart real estate says the walk way would also be further extended and once completed, The over pass will feature two 10 feet wide side walks inside the tunnel. When it comes to public rights of way two public rights of way and one private rights of way to the sea would be blocked by the tunnel and extension.

Dart Real Estate proposed relocating and combining the public rights of way to one 12-foot wide access from West Bay Road to the beach. Agencies also raised height clearance questions with regards to clear to sky routes for over-sized or over-height loads. Dart argues those vehicles could use alternative routes through Camana Bay. The CPA did not indicate a timeline for when they would have a decision. But as of today, they’re deliberating given the information they have from government agencies and Dart Real Estate. The CPA will provide a decision to the Planning Board once its members have agreed on a way forward.

We did ask a Dart Real Estate spokesperson if the company wants to comment on today’s meeting  She said they’re awaiting the CPA’s decision.

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