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Expungement Board now accepting application

Those with the Expungement board say they’re seeking applications from offenders who wish to have certain crimes wiped from their records. The Criminal Records Spent Convictions Law paves the way for certain crimes to be removed from a person’s record after a certain amount of time.

Management Support Adviser Peter Gough says he’s not sure how many people have applied, but says the process is now open.  He says ” The idea is to give certain ex-convicts a second chance after they’ve paid their debt to society. For certain jobs once expunged you don’t have to declare that you have a criminal record.  It’s good because you may want to get a loan and some loan agencies do discriminate against persons with a criminal record and once it’s expunged it no longer exist and it may help with travel arrangements such as getting visa etc”. 

Mr Gough also reminded that certain crimes cannot be expunged including treason, manslaughter, murder and offences against morality.

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