Family Resource Center invites community to join in Domestic Violence Training Programme

After its successful Domestic Violence Intervention Training Programme in the Brac the Family Resource Center continues the training in Grand Cayman.

The three-day workshop will teach attendees the dynamics of an abusive relationship.

And with a rise of reported cases the Family Resource Center has hopes it means people are stepping up.

Programme Facilitator Erin Hislop said, “The 2016 crime report did show an increase in reports of domestic violence. What we would like to think as a result of that increase in reports is that more people are reporting the issue at its simplest form and actually calling in when this issue is happening rather than staying quiet about it.”

If you’re interested in attending the programme it takes place at the Brasserie’s Willow House from 28 November until 30 November from 8.30 am to 5pm.


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