First of its kind Accountants summit in Cayman a success

The ACIPA and CIIPA summit was the hub where Cayman’s accounting and finance professionals all gathered to learn even more on what can be done in Cayman and, as Kimberly Ellsion-Taylor Chairman of AICPA says, to join forces.

“This is an amazing opportunity for AICPA and CIIPA to come together for an inaugural conference that presents a lot of opportunities for learning and networking so we are always working together to promote the public interest,” said Mrs. Ellison-Taylor.

American company AICPA and CIIPA have come together to form a one of a kind partnership meant to fuse public and private sector and if successful they hope to build on that success.

“To always put their interest in the forefront of everything we do. Our mission is to serve and we think that by bringing together the talented individuals that we have here today that, that will be certainly an indication of our willingness to do so,” said Mrs. Ellison-Taylor.

President of CIIPA Peter Smalls echoes Mrs. Ellsion-Taylor’s sentiments saying they have the interest of Cayman as a whole at heart.

“We have a mission that not only that we educate, advocate, regulate but also from a community perspective we want to be a big contributor to Cayman and Cayman success,” said Mr. Smalls.

Ultimately the aim is that the partnership boosts the US company in the Caribbean and to truly put Cayman on the map.

“This is putting Cayman on a bigger scale, it’s putting Cayman on the landscape where were building relationships with other major institutions like the AICPA it’s huge.”

Speaker Anton Colella spoke on the value and price of being ethical and pointed out that accountants are at the top of the trust barometer.

“Part of the difficulty today is regulators in governments want to impose rules to make sure nothing goes wrong. The only way were going to ensure the capital markets function well is to have men and women who believe in doing the right thing,” he said.



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