Gimistory returns after 2 years

Cayman’s favourite international story telling festival, Gimistory is underway but many are still curious to know just what is Gimistory?

Gimistory is Cayman’s ode to the art of story telling. Storytellers from across the region and around the world travel district to district sharing laughs, stories and passing on a long held tradition. Local storyteller Rita Estavanovich says without Gimistory a huge part of Cayman’s tradition would be lost. She said “We been telling stories since the day we came to this earth every single day, there are stories to tell multiple stories about our lives, about what we see around us and Gimistory give us the opportunity to do just that.”

International story teller and extemporaneous performer Phillip Murray, best known as “Black Sage”, says people should never forget their culture.  Mr. Murray’s skills includes singing on any topic immediately and he accepted a Cayman 27 challenge aimed at testing it.


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