Government delays Builders Law and gives extension

A level playing field, it was the main sentiment small contractors called for at the builder board meeting Wednesday (29 November) where they gathered to share their concerns on the new Builder’s Law. It’s a law many like Mark Campbell feel is unfair.

“I think this particular law has a lot of flaws in it. It needs to be amended, I mean in a lot of areas,” said Mr. Campbell.

Attendees including Gary Watler said when the new law was put together it was not done with smaller construction companies in mind.

“A lot of us has been left behind when making this, when they put this whole plan together they didn’t come to us, they went to the bigger firms and bigger associations and took their advice and based on that is how they created where we at today,” said Mr. Watler.

But their concerns did not go unheard. In fact, they achieved a victory successfully pushing back the deadline for contractors to register under the law until 31 March. Something Opposition Leader Hon. Ezzard Miller said is a relief.

Mr. Miller said, “Because a lot of them were going to be faced with a situation tomorrow where they couldn’t apply to planning to get inspections done because they weren’t licensed under this new builders law.”

Many hope that the extension will bring about necessary changes.

“What I find unfair is for whenever it’s slow down whenever those general contractors the bigger companies could bid in our category you know I think that is unfair,” said Mr. Campbell.

Mr. Watler also shared his worries. He said, “I’m hoping it makes a difference and I’m praying because if not it’s going to be a disaster simple as that. That’s the easy way I can put it, its gonna be a disaster because we can not continue to function I cant operate my business any longer if they don’t make the changes.”


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