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High Rock Landing next chapter in Health City growth story

Government officials were in East End bright and early this morning for a sneak-peak of the new High Rock Landing development.

The retail and residential development is being lauded as a major step in the growth of Health City.

“We believe health city is on a real strong path of growth,” said Health City Project Director Gene Thompson.

Mr. Thompson told Cayman 27 the High Rock Landing development is an important step in maintaining Health City’s continued growth.

“Right now our patient load is pretty high and with the challenge of a great economy and for hotel rooms, there is no place in hotels for them to stay,” explained Mr. Thompson.

Health City Project Manager Gene Thompson guided a group of government officials through the High Rock landing site Tuesday morning

Tuesday morning, government officials and other elected members donned safety vests for a hard-hat tour of the job site.

Commerce minister Joey Hew said the 60-unit residential complex and its accompanying commercial centre will give a boost to the eastern districts.

“It has a tremendous impact from an economic perspective as we saw today the amount of Caymanians working on the site, so it also has a direct impact to the people from the eastern districts on a day to day basis,” said Mr. Hew.

Mr. Thompson said with a 65% Caymanian workforce, High Rock Landing is an example for other developers to follow.

“We believe in being socially sustainable, and we believe unless the locals get a opportunity to participate in the growth and the progress of the island, that they are going to become disenchanted,” said Mr. Thompson.

“It feels good to know your own people are here,” said Matthew Miller, one of the proud Caymanian labourers. “We are building our country together.”

Other elected members had no shortage of praise for the project.

“This is going to be a fantastic building for healthy living, healthy recuperation, this is what it is all about, this was part of the vision,” said Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush.

“East Enders have embraced it, I’ve never talk to anybody who said that the hospital shouldn’t be here,” said East End MLA Arden McLean.

“I’m amazed at the speed that they are going out, and I am really excited, it looks like a great project,” said Health Minister Dwayne ‘John John’ Seymour.

Completion of the Parrot Ridge residential complex and the Heron Place commercial centre is slated for January of next year.

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