Blue spot parking crackdown

Since the beginning of 2017 more than 90 cases of people parking illegally in a blue spot have been dealt with by police. It’s a problem many in the community have complained about for years and the RCIPS says it’s taken a zero-tolerance approach to the matter. Many may think a small action of parking in a spot reserved for the disabled is no big deal especially if it’s only to occupy it for a brief time but RCIPS media officer Jodi Ann Powery said she wants the public to know “it’s wrong it’s against the law and it’s punishable by a of $100” said PC Powery. Mrs. Powery said the law is very specific about these spots also referred to as the blue spots. She said, “Not only is it an offense for you to park in a parking spot that is meant and designated for disable persons but it is also an offences to obstruct such a parking lot”.

Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks went to different plazas and shopping complexes today to see if citizens obey this law and for the most part Cayman has heeded the advice of the RCIPS. After over 2 hours driving from the Strand, the West Shore Centre and Galleria Plaza all blue spots were open for use. “I know that’s not always the case and so today especially the International Day for Persons with Disabilities. It’s really great news I’m glad to hear it,” Kimberly Voaden, Director of the Sunrise Adult Training Centre in West Bay said.

She said the excuse that someone will only be there for a minute is not acceptable. She explained that blue spots serve a specific purpose. She continued, “Because in that view minutes you were inside and your car was taking up that spot another person who had a legitimate reason to use that spot would have been denied. As the world marked international day for persons with disabilities on Sunday education minister Juliana O’Connor Conolly urged the population to consider the challenged those who are differently abled have to endure and be more considerate. Just this year Cayman’s first disabilities specific legislation took effect. We are the first overseas territory to have this kind of law.

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