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Caymanian student pursues career in automotives


One Caymanian teenager is taking his shot at making his dream job a reality. Earlier this week, Cayman 27 reported on a new Hope Academy based automotive programme aimed at training Caymanians for careers in the automotive industry. Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks caught up with one Caymanian enrolled in that programme.

Cameron Medina is a student at Hope Academy and he has a plan for his life after school. He said, ” I want to come back here and open my own garage, work service on cars and boats any vehicle basically.” Mr. Medina is one of several students enrolled in the automotive training programme started by Michael Myles through Hope Academy and he said it’s just what he needs. “We learned about the tools first and then we started working on one of the engines that we have in the classroom; we tore that down, we tore it down to the pistons and we looked at all the different part in there.” He said many parents encourage their children into professions like law and accounting, but he said his parent support him and other parents should support their children the same way for careers outside of the traditional. Mr. Medina said, ” They want me to strive to do what I want to do and they help me and support me in my choice.”

Meanwhile Dean of Students and Operations Manager Michael Myles says programmes like this offers an alternative to those who don’t want to do academics. He said ” We know for a fact that a high number of our young people are not going to be going on to a tertiary education so we wanted to start preparing them. Mr Myles said the programme is waiting for Jamaican and German automotive school certification so students will be qualified to enter the workforce. Mr. Medina said he plans to pursue mechanical engineering after completing his studies he says he wants to come back to Cayman to open his own business.

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