Tashika Mothen takes stand in Fete trial, says events did not happen how the Prosecution claims

Tashika Mothen painted a different version of the events of 4 February outside the Fete nightclub on West Bay Road. This as she returned to the witness stand Monday (4 December) before a jury of 7 in Grand Court.

Mrs. Mothen claimed Daniel Bennett was drunken and belligerent and kept trying to stir up trouble from the beginning of the night when they were first in Power Supply bar before they went to Fete nightclub.

She said she and her husband decided to leave and go to Fete to avoid confrontation, but later Mr. Bennett also went to the same club where she claims he approached her. She said she tried to walk away but he wouldn’t allow her to do so.

She denied all of the claims Daniel Bennett made, like saying she threatened to kill Todd Bowen, a man she believes to be responsible for shooting her in 2015.

When asked if she was aware that her husband Malik Mothen had a gun she said, “I know for a fact my husband did not have a gun.” She also disputed Mr. Bennett’s claim that Mr. Mothen fired the gun right over her shoulder.

“If a gun was by my face, I’m sure I would have been burned and deaf.”

Mrs. Mothen also denied the claims fellow defendant Kashwayne Hewitt made to police saying that Malik Mothen took his clothes from that night and burned them. She said the clothes were never burned and she pointed out the clothes were handed in for evidence.

Prosecutor Patrick Moran brought up past interactions she had with Mr. Bennett where she confronted him over rumours she heard.

Mr. Moran suggested she left that out intentionally to hide that she may have had reason to attack Mr. Bennett.



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