UCCI President Roy Bodden calls it a day

In 2009 Roy Bodden was appointed President of UCCI and from the get go he set about helping mold the students of Cayman into higher education and shape our small university into a reputable establishment.

“I have a feeling of tremendous success it’s a challenge that I looked forward to. I thought I was equipped and I was blessed with a great faculty and administrative staff,” said Mr. Bodden.

Though he has an overall positive outlook Mr. Bodden still acknowledges the disappointment of not being able to do everything he hoped.


“It was my intention when I came, to leave the institution fully accredited regionally and internationally. Regrettably I wasn’t able to take that to its final level but I’m satisfied that I have started it and set the wheels in motion,” said Mr. Bodden.

Even so, he says the university has still taken great strides forward under Mr. Boddens care.

Mr. Bodden said, “One of the things I wanted to do was to start a nursing programme and we have a successful nursing programe which is now the flagship of the university. And I was also interested in the performing arts and we have a great performing arts programme and these are two of the spectacular successes.”

After achieving so much in this role it is natural to wonder what’s next.

“One of the things I wish to do is write more because I always realise that I was a writer and right now I have a major work with my publisher which is autobiographical,” said the current UCCI President.

As he leaves the university behind Mr. Bodden says he wishes nothing but the best for the school in its future endeavors.


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