Net Neutrality and it’s effects on Cayman

Net neutrality has been a topic of controversy in the US with lawmakers moving forward with net neutrality legislation there and it could have some impact here. OfReg Deputy CEO and Executive Director ICT Alee Fa’amoae says since 2010. Net neutrality has been in place in Cayman but with the changes in the US and our internet being fed through a Miami access point we may feel some fallout from whatever changes are implemented there. He said, “That is typically not your usual access point so I don’t think we would suffer the same kind of impacts the US customers are worried about.” Net neutrality prevents telecom providers from treating customers differently when it comes to usage and pricing. Mr Fa’amoe says as a regulator OfReg would step in if a telecoms network provider was restricting a particular type of network access on their network.

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