New Year’s resolutions push businesses

With the new year comes the inevitable, many of us making promises to ourselves to better our lives in one way or another. Some businesses on island say they’re already seeing an uptick in business because of New Year’s resolutions including World Gym, George Town. They say memberships are seeing a spike, “We expect our New Year’s resolutions to be flowing in and that would be coupled with getting fit losing some weight building some muscle our busy season is the first quarter of the year,” said Sam Young, co-owner/manager World Gym.

At Bon Vivant interior decorator and appliance manager Priscilla Myles says many people are buying devices to help them prepare more nutritious meals. She said, ” It’s always about, increasing better living, being more healthy, so we really did have a lot of inquiries about juicers and spiralizers, so stuff that gets people thinking.”

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