Agencies work on policies to address child abuse in Cayman

Several private and public sector agencies came together for a two-day development workshop at the Red Cross aimed at creating policies to address child abuse and child protection issues locally. Deputy Director of the Red Cross Carolina Ferreira said they are taking a multi-agency approach to developing policies to deal with child sexual abuse in Cayman. She said, “We believe that every youth-serving organisation, whether public sector or private sector nonprofit organisations can benefit from this. Once you are serving young people in any capacity you can benefit from having these policies in place.”

Over two days representatives from local schools churches and various organisations gathered at the Red Cross headquarters in George Town for a workshop to obtain a seal of protection and enhance child safety within their organisation which Cayman Prep and High School counselor Denise Myres said are vital. “As a school counselor it is important that as schools, we have policies, policies which govern our behavior as adults. How do we interact with children it helps us to be accountable for our actions,” she said. Mrs Myres said it is important to know how to approach children if you want them to open up. She continued, “You know just say whats going on, I have noticed this, I have noticed a difference. Is everything ok? And see how the child responds.”

Mrs Myres said more reports of child abuse are coming to light because of education on child abuse is becoming more and more available. The workshop ended today (24 November) and among those attending were the Special Needs Foundation, the Mash Unit as well as, the Crisis Center and Ministry of Health.


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