Closing arguments for Fete trial continue


Tashika Mothen’s defence attorneys turned the tables on victims Daniel Bennett and Carlney Campbell as they addressed the jury in the February 4th shooting trial.

They argued that the statements the two men made were flawed and all they attempted to do was “condemn a hardworking respectable young mother like Tashika.”

The attorneys reminded the jury of the evidence or lack thereof from the DNA expert who took the stand. They pointed out if Mrs. Mothen had kicked Mr. Campbell like he claimed, there should have been traces of his blood on her shoes.

There was no DNA evidence from Mr. Campbell on the shoes she wore that night.

Defence appealed to the jury of 7 to question Daniel Bennett’s character saying that he has “different faces for different situations” and that when he was on the witness stand “he attempted to portray himself as someone with respect for others”.

Defence mentioned Mr. Bennett’s mother and how she attacked Tashika Mothen’s mother one night where the police had to get involved.

The defence said this was an indicator of Mr. Bennett’s temper and that “the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.”

They also picked at Mr. Campbell’s violent past pointing out that he even allegedly threatened to kill his own stepfather.

The defence urged the jury to disbelieve Mr. Bennett’s and Carlney Campbell’s innocence.

Closing arguments from Kashwayne Hewitt’s legal team were also heard on Monday (11 December.) The Judge will sum up the trial tomorrow (12 December.)


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