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Survey aims to gauge perspectives on gender equality in Cayman’s workplaces

A new survey from the non-profit group Gender Equality Cayman aims to find out if a gender diverse workplace is more innovative and profitable.

This years gender equality survey also looks to see if anything has changed since its 2017 survey.

Gender Equality Cayman hopes to jump start the conversation about gender diversity in the workplace. Its 2019 gender equality survey is now live on its website…

“We did the survey in 2017 and we got some really good baseline data and now we are trying to see if we move the needle at all between 2017 and 2019,” said Gender Equality Cayman’s Emma Graham-Taylor

Ms. Graham-Taylor told Cayman 27 the survey aims to answer some pertinent questions.

“Does gender equality matter in the workplace insofar as do people feel like they work for a more inclusive and diverse organization, does it make any difference for me profitability perspective and innovation perspective,” said Ms. Graham-Taylor.

Gender equality is achieved when people are able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources, and opportunities, according to the Gender Equality Cayman website.

Mahreen Nabi of the Business Professional Women’s Association of Grand Cayman told Cayman 27 disparities between men and women in the workplace are well documented.

“Internationally a woman makes 88 cents to the dollar for every man, and when you talk about women of color, that 0.56 cents for every dollar, and that’s completely unacceptable,” said Ms. Nabi.

Gender Equality Cayman’s 20-17 survey found 55 percent of men, compared with 35 percent of women, reported that they felt equal pay and reward existed in their respective organisation, and that relative to men, women are less satisfied with their current level of seniority.

The survey is anonymous.

“There is some information that is requested of you, of what type of industry you’re in, so that statistics can actually be drawn for each industry, but aside of that, it’s a great way to give your feedback, express your opinion, and let Cayman know what is really going on in the workplace,” said Ms. Nabi.

Ms. Graham-Taylor said the time for gender equality is now.

“It’s no longer a competitive differentiator to say that you have a gender diverse workforce , it’s a must have,” said Ms. Graham-Taylor.

If you would like to participate, the survey is live through the end of the month.

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