Black Friday preparations begin

Local businesses are preparing for the busiest shopping day of the year…Black Friday, and Priced Right store manager Derek Lee Pack says the store will be ready for customers.

He said, ” We have prepared all of our registers to be open all day from 5am to 9pm even when the staff goes on break we will have replacement cashiers. So we have 9 registers in the store and we will have all 9 registers open all day”. He said top sales items range from sound systems to food items, but Mr Lee Pack said tablets, toys and accessories are also in high demand. He added televisions remain a hot seller and he doesn’t think that will change.

“Tv’s are always a big item for Black Friday over the years despite the fact that you wonder how many tv’s people really own in Cayman a lot of the time they leave the island,” he said.

Meanwhile over at Cost U Less assistant manager Veneisha Ashman said all hands will be on deck for bargain hunters. She said, “All of our staff will be working tomorrow, no one will be off, no one is exempt from working tomorrow. Staff will actually be here overnight working, putting stuff on the floor and arranging stuff so when customers come in they know where to go for their items.”

Doors open at Cost U Less at 4 am and should close at 10pm, but Ms Ashman said that may change depending on demand. She said, ” We are planning to close at 10 pm, but if a customer comes at 10:30 we may open for them.”

So if you are looking for a deal or just want to catch up on early Christmas shopping set your alarm from now.



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