Cayman Academy Career Day

Careers from nursing, to those in Department of Environment to the Culinary Arts were on display Thursday (16 November) as Cayman Academy hosted its Career Fair at UCCI a welcomed initiative for students.

Student Abigail Samuels said, “We’ve been looking at all of the booths and we’ve been having a fun time.”

Ms. Samuels said the students in attendance were eager to feast their eyes on what each career booth had to offer though some kids already had their minds made up.

“I want to be an Accountant because I really like Maths and it’s my favorite,” said Ms. Samuels.

The more interactive the booth, the more intriguing it seemed to the kids like the Cayman 27 booth. The kids excitedly watched themselves on camera and interviewed one another.

Choosing a career is a momentous task and sometimes setting your sights on a career path can be borne out of tribulations.

Ms. Michaela Bush set her sights on a thoughtful career choice.

“Special Ed working with children with disabilities, because my brother has Downs Syndrome. It’s good that you help other children that can’t really help themselves and teach them how to be independent,” said Ms. Bush.

As for finding a new generation of Cayman 27 reporters, when she was asked if she would be interested, Ms. Bush simply replied,

“No…not really.”

Whether they found their calling or not it was certainly an eventful day.


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