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Bodden Town MLAs responds to new bulk fuel depot

One Bodden Town law maker is raising the red flag on the proposed bulk fuel depot in the eastern districts. He says if this project is to get his support, it must benefit people in his district. Bodden Town West MLA Chris Saunders said not enough information is known about the Ironwood project. He wants the developers to meet with the community to address their questions and concerns about the project. A view shared by fellow Bodden town MLA and Minster Dwayne Seymour. Mr Saunders said, “It’s not everyday we put something in our neighborhood that can blow up half the people and if you want to put something like that up there you better go to the people and you better come really good to convince them.” Minister Seymour said, “But they can feel assured that not move or no approval will be made by me as Bodden Town East or the minister for Bodden Town without coming to my people first.” Mr. Saunders said he’s not impressed with the area earmarked for the project, that area is in the neighboring Bodden Town East constituency, but in an emergency scenario, he said his area will be impacted too.




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